How To Use A Self-Storage Unit As Your Office

Posted on: 27 June 2016

If you run a business out of your home and are in need of extra space to use for your operations, you may want to consider moving your home business into a self-storage unit. There are many benefits of using a self-storage unit as an office; however, there are certain things you will need to look into before you rush out and rent a unit. Here are several things to think about as you consider this option.

Find Out If It Is Allowed

There are many storage facilities that allow businesses to operate out of their units, but there are also some that do not. Before you go any further, you must look into the facilities in your area to find out if this is allowed. If this is not allowed, you could still consider renting a unit to use for storage space for your business. You might not be allowed to set up a desk to use as an office, but you will be able to store your business paperwork and inventory in the unit.

If you find a facility that does allow this, you should walk through several different sizes of units to determine which one would be the best for your business.

Choosing to run an office out of a storage unit offers a lot of benefits. One of the main ones is that most storage units offer month-to-month leases. This means you will not be tied down to a long-term contract, and the costs are likely cheaper to rent a storage unit than an actual office. Another benefit is that if you run out of space in your unit, you could easily rent a second unit to have more space or move into a larger unit.

Plan Out Your Space

As you look at the sizes available, you should think about what you want to place in the unit. This could include a desk with a chair to work at, file cabinets, inventory, and anything else you will need to operate your business out of the unit.

If you are not sure which size to choose, it might be wise to choose one that is slightly larger than you think you will need. The price will not be a lot more per month, and this will give you extra space for expansion. For example, an average cost for a 10 x 15 unit is $75 to $140 a month, whereas a 10 x 20 unit goes for around $95 to $155 per month.

You should also think about whether you would like to have climate control in your unit or not. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, it might be worthwhile paying a little more for a climate-controlled unit.

Determine What Amenities They Offer

Next, you will need to talk to the facility owner or manager to find out exactly what amenities they offer in their units. Facilities that encourage office use with the units may offer more amenities than other facilities. Here are some of the amenities the facility may offer or that you may need in order to operate your business out of the unit:

  • Electrical outlets and lights
  • Wi-Fi
  • Heat or air conditioning
  • Security features

These are really the only things you would need to have to run a regular type of office out of a storage unit.

Renting a storage unit is a great way to have the space you need to run a business. If you are considering this, you may want to begin by visiting local storage unit facilities to find out if this is allowed and what you would need to do to rent a unit. For more information, contact a storage unit like Glenbrook Self Storage.


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