Easy Ways To Move In Or Out Without A Moving Crew

Posted on: 1 March 2017

You an rally up all of your friends and family and request their assistance when you want to move out or into a new abode, but when the time comes start lugging boxes disaster can happen when no one shows up. If you really need to stay on a time schedule and need to move your belongings on your own, here are some ways that you can get the job down without wearing down your back.

1. Get a Hand-truck

For those really bulky items, it is best to use hand-trucks to take the brunt of the load. Stack boxes you plan to put into your self storage units on top of the hand-truck, then wheel them to their destination. Even bulky and oversized furnishings can be placed safely onto a hand-truck and then strapped into place, allowing people who aren't into heavy lifting to keep moving when they don't have outside assistance.

2. Moving Pads

Did you know that even very heavy items can be moved if you have a moving pad underneath? Moving pads can be used to move items on flat surfaces around with ease, on trucks and even inside of a self storage unit to get things into just the right position. By keeping everything that weighs the most on the bottom of your truck or storage unit, you'll be able to carry lighter items and then stack them so that damage doesn't occur during your move. 

3. Use Storage Containers With Wheels

Cardboard moving boxes may come with convenient carrying handles, but you'll only be able to pick up but so much weight. By contrast, plastic storage bins that have wheels can be pushed or pulled, even up inclines and stairs. If you know that you will be moving in or out of a new home and you aren't sure how much help you're going to be getting from relatives or friends, it is best to pack up your things in containers that you will be able to move yourself.

4. Unload Your Self Storage Unit At A Comfortable Pace

Unless you need to vacate your self unit immediately, don't rush to take everything out all at once. Instead, empty your self storage unit a little bit at a time, stopping by after work to pick up the things that you need and giving yourself time to trash items that you don't need to exert the energy moving. It might take multiple trips to get everything done, but moving on your own is an accomplishment all of its own.


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