Five Tips On How To Pack A Portable Storage Container

Posted on: 15 May 2017

Storage containers and portable storage containers, or storage trailers, are an excellent way to prepare for a move, or stash things until you can have them hauled to a permanent place. They can be parked right on your property allowing you the convenience of time and removing the inconvenience of hauling things to a storage building.

When you finish up with a packing project, you can immediately transfer it to your storage container until time to move. Here are five tips on how to pack a storage container to make hauling simple, and unloading a breeze.

1. Seal All Your Boxes

No matter how much care you take packing a portable storage container, problems can happen. The best thing you can do is to be prepared. One way to make sure you do not have an accidental mess to clean up when your container arrives at its final destination is to secure all your boxes and crates.

Double tape all boxes, running two strips across the top and bottom on either side of center. Then add one extra cross strap down the middle for extra sturdiness. It is better to add a little extra tape than to have a mess to clean up.

2. Wrap it Up

Use mattress covers and pads to wrap up beds and furniture items. Use shrink-wrap on furniture to protect it from dust, dirt, or being torn during the move. Break down lamps, packing the shades in boxes to prevent damage.

This will both protect them while you load, plus it creates a snug fit inside the container. When your items are tightly packed in the container, they will not be able to shift around during shipping.

3. Good Labeling

Label all your boxes and storage tubs so you know what is in each one. Make a list of contents using box numbers to simplify the process. This is extremely helpful if you are packing slowly, not planning the actual move immediately. With a nice orderly label system, you'll know what you packed in every box.

4. Combustible or Flammable Items

Do not load things like gas cans, lawn equipment, painting supplies, or flammable cleaners inside your container. Most of the time it is illegal to transport these items in this manner. You can wait until the end of your loading process to place empty gas cans, lawnmowers, or other power equipment, but only after they are emptied of gas and oil.

5. Put the Weight on the Bottom

Since portable storage containers are placed on tandem axle trucks for hauling purposes, it is not as important to pack the container as you would an actual moving truck. However, It is helpful to keep the heaviest boxes, furniture and appliances on the bottom. There really isn't any perfect spot inside the container to distribute weight, so you can pack in an order that will simplify the unloading job.

Storage containers are an excellent way to conveniently move any number of things. If you follow these five suggestions, your things will arrive undamaged at their new location.


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