How To Experience A New City For A Year

Posted on: 29 May 2017

Sometimes, life gives us the opportunity to experience a new place for a short chunk of time. If you've been dying to break out of your routine, but want to return back to your home city, here are some tips to follow for a smooth year away. 

Get a Self-Storage Unit

For a shorter time away from home, it usually makes sense to pack away all of your items in a self-storage unit. The cost of selling and buying new furniture and personal belongings is high compared to the costs of yearly self-storage, especially when you consider that discounts can be given for contracts of six months or more with many companies. Be sure that your unit is temperature-controlled and that you have insurance for your storage unit. Sometimes, renter's or home insurance will cover storage units if you add the location to your coverage. Contact a company like Stadium Storage to learn more about this.


Expect life in the new city to cost a higher-than-average amount as you get used to the city. Leave room to explore and make mistakes without worrying about your budget. You want to be able to say "yes" to every opportunity you get. And while you're still navigating the best deals or finding the correct transportation routes, the costs of exploring a new city can add up. Whether you're relying on savings or working a job in your new locale, give yourself a cushion of at least 3 months of expenses.

See Who You Know

It's likely that, in any US city you go to, you know someone. Or, at least, you'll have a friend of a friend. Even if you don't think you'll be close friends with these people once you move to their city, it's worth reaching out to see if they have any advice for you on getting started. It's always nice to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar city, even every once in a while, and they may help you make new connections and find opportunities in your city. 

Go In Expecting Something Different

Finally, don't go looking for the exact same things in your new city as what you had back home. For example, if you loved a specific park in your home city, don't go looking for a park that matches in your new city. Don't try to recreate your favorite bar route or your friend group in your new city either. Learn to appreciate what that city uniquely offers, and you'll find yourself acclimating quickly and getting the most out of your move. And soon, you'll be back home with all of those things you love.


Discussing Storage Units

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