Climate-Controlled Storage And Security For Sensitive Belongings

Posted on: 1 January 2018

Not all of your belongings can be tossed into any old storage area. Even at home, your belongings could be at risk from drastic temperature changes and moisture issues. Here are a few issues to keep in mind as you look for a reliable storage facility.

Why Is Climate-Controlled Storage Necessary?

Some objects are sensitive to temperature extremes. Perishable goods need refrigerated storage, while many electronics, cloth, foam materials, and other objects are unable to maintain a useful form in extreme heat. Air conditioning is one of the more common--but not guaranteed--forms of climate control, but heated storage may be necessary as well.

Do you plan on storing any complex metal objects? Musical instruments such as flutes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, or tubas can go through major changes that can make tuning a nightmare later. Especially with flutes and saxophones, there are a lot of keys and springs that can go out of position and become bent if handled by anyone but a professional calibrator--including the owner, no matter their playing ability.

This is because of thermal contraction, which is a colloquial term for negative thermal expansions. All objects expand or contract to some degree because of the movement and spacing of atoms depending on the temperature, and common metals used for musical instruments, tools, and everyday goods go through some of the more noticeable changes.

Heated storage can keep sensitive instruments and other objects at a stable temperature. It's not so drastic that you'd need a perfect degree measurement of climate control, so avoiding freezing temperatures or going over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 degrees Celsius) will be a good enough task for any storage facility offering climate control.

Humidity management is an issue as well, as metals can rust or corrode and wood materials can rot and mold. Air conditioning systems remove humidity as a passive part of the cooling process, while a stable heating temperature in the winter can prevent water molecules from forming into harmful droplets. If you need more humidity control, ask for a dehumidifier to be installed or get a storage unit with outlets for customers to add your own dehumidifier.

Security Options For Valuable Belongings

If your goods can fetch a decent price at a pawn shop, you need more than a padlock. Go for a storage facility with reliable security.

At the very least, look for storage facilities with surveillance cameras. Some cameras are fake or not operational and simply acting as deterrents against the less bold thieves out there, so be sure to confirm their performance with a test.

Pick a specific day and time, then stand in clear view of the security camera. Write down the date and time, then ask to see surveillance video from that time. If you're not on the video, something is wrong and you can't rely on the security system to identify a thief that manages to get away with your goods.

Security professionals aren't necessary except for in situations with at least thousands of dollars in assets in storage, although a big enough customer base may justify a security team. As long as security personnel are around after hours when no other staff are on duty, it's a reliable security plan.

Contact a storage facility, like Discount Storage, to discuss other features available to keep your sensitive valuables safe.


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