Tips for Safely Storing Your Personal Book Collection

Posted on: 3 October 2018

Nothing quite compares to the feel of a real book between your hands on a cool fall evening, but those books that you love can quickly begin to take up too much space in your home. Rather than releasing your favorites from your collection, you can move the collection into a mini-storage unit. Below you'll find a few tips that will help you preserve the condition of your books while they're being stored.

Clean the Books

Before you store the books, you must be sure that they are fully cleaned and dried. You don't want to pack any dirt or moisture with the books or they will come out of storage discolored and moldy.

To clean the books, you'll just need a dry cloth for lightly dusty books and a slightly dampened clothe for books that are a little dirtier than that. Wipe each book and set them out to dry.

Pack the Books

Packing books seems like it should be an easy enough task—just stick them in a box and tape it closed. However, you need to take a few more steps than that if you'd like to preserve the good condition of the books.

Instead of just stacking them in a box, take a minute to wrap each book with acid-free tissue paper before placing them in a box. Use small boxes and write the title of each book on the end of the box. Create an inventory sheet as you pack the boxes so that you'll easily be able to find the book that you want when you need it.

Store the Books

Books must be stored in a controlled environment. If the humidity levels get too high, the books will become coated in mold and the bindings could deteriorate. Look into a climate-controlled mini-storage unit. These units will protect the books from temperature spikes and drops that could destroy the books.

When you place the boxes of books in the storage unit, do not place them directly on the floor. Doing so will result in the box wicking the moisture out of the floor and exposing the books to the moisture. Instead, place a wooden pallet on the floor or use some shelving units. Just remember that if you use shelving units, not to make them too top heavy with your books.

Don't let go of the books that you love. You never know when you'll want to relive the stories in those books in the future. Instead, follow the steps above to ensure your books are stored safely. 


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