2 Mistakes To Avoid When Placing Your Electronics In Storage

Posted on: 17 April 2019

If you will be moving to a new area or temporarily downsizing your living space, you may be planning to place many of your belongings in storage, including some of your electronics, such as DVD players, computers, or television sets. However, before you put these electronics in the unit, make sure you do not make the following mistakes that could ruin them.

1.  Leaving All Components and Cords Plugged In

As you are getting your electronics ready for storage, you may feel that you should leave peripherals attached and cords plugged in. After all, doing so would keep everything together and make the pieces easier to find, right?

While it may be true that leaving everything plugged in will keep the components and cords together, you may wind up damaging both the main unit and the peripherals. The cords may become tangled and catch on surrounding items, making it too easy for them to be yanked out of the unit and damage both the cord and the electronic unit.

Also, leaving peripherals attached to computers or televisions can also prove disastrous. If moisture gets on the connection between the two, water could infiltrate the circuit board and cause rust. It is better to detach everything before boxing them up separately so that nothing gets damaged.

2.  Wrapping the Electronics in Plastic

After deciding it is better to separate components and unplug the cords, you may be getting ready to pack every piece individually. And, because you are concerned about water destroying your electronics, you may decide to wrap everything in either plastic or bubble wrap. After all, the plastic will repel water and keep your electronics safe, right?

While plastic does repel exterior water, it can also cause moisture inside of the wrapping, especially if it is closed tightly. When any moisture inside of the plastic interacts with warm temperatures, condensation forms that could ruin your electronics.

Instead of wrapping your electronics inside any plastic wrapping, wrap them in cotton cloths to protect them. The cotton will absorb moisture and wick it away from the items. As an added layer of protection for screens, lay a fitted piece of cardboard over them before wrapping them in the cloths.

Avoiding the above mistakes and taking time to properly protect your electronics can help ensure that they are ready to use when you need them again. For more information about storing electronics or other items, speak with the facility like VV Storage Zone


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