4 Ways to Pack Your Belongings When Putting Them in a Self-Storage Unit

Posted on: 30 April 2020

A self-storage unit is useful for many reasons. No matter why you decide to use a storage unit, you'll need to prepare your belongings and pack them securely before stowing them away. There are different ways to pack your things—and some containers are better than others. Here's a look at four options, and the pros and cons of each.

1. Use Plastic or Cotton Bags

Plastic bags are cheap and convenient to use for storage, but they aren't ideal. Plastic doesn't allow air circulation, so clothes stored in plastic bags might begin to grow mildew if they happen to be damp when you pack them. Plastic bags aren't very durable, so they aren't good for packing heavy items or sharp items. Plus, if you stuff your storage unit full of bags, you'll have a hard time finding anything when you need to get out a specific item.

Cotton bags are a little better for packing clothing since air can circulate through cotton. Cotton bags are also good for storing bedding as long as the bags are kept on a shelf or protected from drawing dampness.

2. Use Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can be an excellent choice if you buy moving boxes. Moving boxes are sturdy and made for specific things such as holding books or protecting individual glasses. You can even buy wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes. A good thing about moving boxes is they have uniform sizes so they stack safely as long as you keep the lids flat.

Moving boxes can be expensive, so you might want to get boxes from a grocery store instead. While these boxes are free, you take your chances when it comes to sizes, quality of construction, and durability.

3. Use Plastic Tote Boxes

Tote boxes are ideal for self-storage units. You don't have to worry about the boxes drawing dampness on the bottom and getting weak. Totes are strong and made for stacking. If you choose clear totes, you can even see what's inside so you can find what you need.

Totes come in all sizes, so they're also perfect for keeping small things organized and safe while in your storage unit. The downside to plastic totes is that they can be expensive when you need to buy several of them.

4. Use Garbage Cans

If you're storing things like brooms, rakes, or a weed trimmer, you can store them upright in a garbage can to keep them organized and to keep them from falling over. Large and small cans can be used to hold items that are heavy or that have odd shapes. You can even put cotton or plastic bags full of items in garbage cans and label cans with their contents so you can organize by room. The cans protect your items from resting on the floor, and they can even keep dust off if you seal the contents with the lid.

For more information on your options, contact self-storage companies. 


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