Boat Storage: Why It's Worth The Investment

Posted on: 5 April 2021

When you have a boat, you use it during certain times of the year and then the rest of the year the boat is either docked or placed in boat storage. Boat storage is a service you can pay for monthly, similar to a traditional storage unit, and can help you get the most out of your boat's lifespan.

Boat storage is an investment, but the money you spend is worth it. The cost for boat storage varies depending on where you live and how large of a space you need, but average costs are around $50 per foot of boat stored to start. You can store your boat indoors or outdoors in a safe and dry area. Boats are often stored in a secure racking position for optimal storage, both indoors and outdoors, although indoor boat storage can be more expensive. Here are reasons why spending money to store your boat is worth it.

Your boat lasts longer

Leaving your boat docked in the water for months on end will cause the body of the boat to stain, warp, and gather barnacles. Your boat can also wear out much sooner than it should, even if you use your boat regularly but keep it docked in water only. If you take your boat out a few times a year, it's fine to leave your boat in water between uses, but for a longer-term boat storage solution, use a boat storage unit to keep your boat in its best condition for the next outing.

Your boat stays safer

Even a boat left on a trailer can be left exposed to the elements or can be accidentally damaged by children, a vehicle, or other means. Boats are not a cheap investment in the first place, and replacing or repairing torn seats, broken windows, and other parts of the boat that get damaged when they're stored at home can be expensive. Even if you store your boat in your garage or in a carport, you're still taking up property space at home and leaving other property items in the elements, and your boat can still get damaged by curious kids and pets.

Boat storage solutions are designed to keep boats safe and ready for use. If you want to enjoy your boat for as long as you own it, make the extra step to keep your boat in its best condition by investing in boat storage.


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