3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding If You Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Posted on: 12 May 2022

Many self-storage facilities will offer both climate-controlled and standard storage units. If you are having trouble figuring out whether or not you require the use of a climate-controlled storage unit, taking the time to ask yourself the following three questions can help you to make this important decision.

Question #1: Will You Be Storing Items That Are Sensitive To Extreme Temperatures Or Excess Humidity?

Some materials will be more sensitive to extreme temperatures and excess humidity than others. For instance, if you are simply planning to store your Christmas tree and ornaments along with other seasonal decorations, these items are not likely to have a negative reaction to fluctuating temperatures. However, if you are planning to store electronics, these items can easily be damaged when exposed to very hot temperatures or high humidity levels. If the items you are planning to store can be damaged by exposure to either high or low temperatures, or if excess moisture will cause damage, you will want to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit. 

Question #2: Do You Plan To Spend Time Working In Your Storage Unit?

For some people, a storage unit is simply somewhere to keep items until they are ready to use them again. For others, these storage units also serve as a place to work on things such as filling orders for shipping or maintaining a personal collection that they do not have room for in their home. If you are planning to spend any significant amount of time inside your storage unit, you will want to take your own comfort into consideration when choosing which storage unit to rent. Choosing a climate-controlled storage unit can make working in your unit far more comfortable even if the items you plan to store in this unit are not sensitive to temperature or moisture-related damage. 

Question #3: Do You Plan To Leave Items In Storage Over The Course Of Multiple Seasons?

Extreme temperatures are just one climate-related issue that can cause damage to certain items. Another common issue is fluctuating temperatures. This is because there are many materials, such as glass, that either expand or contract based on the current temperature inside your storage unit. Storing items over the course of multiple seasons can result in damage if items are exposed to a variety of weather conditions. Consequently, the longer you plan to keep your items in storage, the more likely you are to benefit from the use of a climate-controlled storage unit.


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