3 Tips For Using A Mini-Storage Unit To Declutter Your Home

Posted on: 5 April 2023

Excess clutter in your home is a burden. It makes your house look crowded and messy. Plus, it's difficult to know where anything is when you have to stuff your closets and drawers full. If you've moved into a smaller place temporarily or you need all your belongings but have no place to store them, consider a mini-storage unit.

These storage units come in different sizes, so you can rent one that meets your needs and fits your budget. Here's how a mini-storage unit could help control your clutter.

1. You Can Move Seasonal Belongings Into The Unit

Seasonal belongings just take up space most of the year. Holiday decorations may take up half a closet and keep you from storing belongings you actually use in an organized way. A mini-storage unit is ideal for seasonal things like holiday decorations, lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, winter or summer clothing, patio furniture, and even extra furniture you only need when you host guests.

This could free up a lot of space in your home or garage, and that can allow you to organize your other belongings so everything is easy to find when needed.

2. You Could Use The Unit To Hold Boxes To Sort

If your belongings are all in good shape, but you just have too many of them, it is hard to sort through what you have and throw things out. This can bring your decluttering to a halt. You might consider going through your things and throwing out obvious trash and then putting everything else you don't use often in plastic totes or boxes and taking them to storage.

With all the clutter gone, you can clean and organize the rest of your house. Make an effort to bring a box home regularly to sort it and empty it completely so everything you keep has a place.

Some things may need to go back to storage if you don't use them very often, but as long as you keep up with sorting out all of your boxes, you can get rid of a lot of clutter, and by renting a mini-storage unit, you'll have a place to hold all the boxes while you sort over the coming weeks or months.

3. You Can Set Up Your Unit Like A Big Closet

After you've sorted your belongings and you want to keep everything that's in your storage unit, you may want to set up the storage unit so it's as convenient as a closet you have at home. Your unit will be more useful if it's organized so you can stop by to grab things you need as often as you want.

You could set up shelves, clothing racks, and drawers to keep things neatly organized. You won't be able to nail things to the walls, but you can bring in freestanding closet organizers if you want to use them. 

For more info about mini storage rentals, contact a local company. 


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