• 5 Benefits Of Student Self Storage Units

    Students have a lot of things they need to store, like books, stationery, gym clothes, and other personal items. Also, students must find a storage place every time they go home for mid-term breaks or at the end of every semester. This issue can inconvenience the students, especially if they live far away. Moreover, some of the students' property can get damaged while in transit, or the students can lose them.
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  • 3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding If You Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

    Many self-storage facilities will offer both climate-controlled and standard storage units. If you are having trouble figuring out whether or not you require the use of a climate-controlled storage unit, taking the time to ask yourself the following three questions can help you to make this important decision. Question #1: Will You Be Storing Items That Are Sensitive To Extreme Temperatures Or Excess Humidity? Some materials will be more sensitive to extreme temperatures and excess humidity than others.
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  • Myths Pertaining To Self Storage Units And The Truth Surrounding These Myths

    There are many myths out there pertaining to self-storage units. While some myths have some truth to them, other myths are entirely false. If you are on the fence about renting a self-storage unit, myths you may have heard may be keeping you from making a decision. Here are a few common myths related to storage units and the truth surrounding these myths. Myth: Self Storage Units Are Not Secure
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